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Buildee works anywhere you’ve got a web browser and the internet. Either on a Mac or a PC, choose what works for you.

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Never loose your work - everything is saved automatically in the cloud so you can come back later, change to another computer, or share with a colleague.

Meet your new best friend in construction management - our Takeoff Software, available for Mac! We know you're no stranger to measurements and material counts, and this tool has been designed to make those tasks easier and more accurate.

The best part? It's built for Mac, ensuring a seamless and intuitive user experience. We've packed all these features in a simple, user-friendly interface that you’ll feel at home with right away. Try our Takeoff Software for Mac and see how it transforms your construction planning.

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Accurate Estimations

Our software delivers precise measurements to determine the materials necessary for accurate bids.

Fast Takeoff

Complete surface area measurements in just a few clicks saving you time on every project.

Intuitive Interface

Get started right away with our user-friendly design. No steep learning curve. No fluff. Just easy-to-use takeoff.

With Buildee Takeoff & Estimating for Mac, you can:

Estimate Materials: Quickly calculate the amount of materials needed for a project.
Measure Dimensions: Accurately measure dimensions directly from digital blueprints.
Analyze Costs: Estimate the total cost of materials and labor for a construction project.
Improve Efficiency: Speed up the takeoff process compared to manual methods.
Reduce Errors: Minimize human errors in calculations and measurements.
Enhance Collaboration: Facilitate easier collaboration among team members.
Update in Real-time: Provide real-time updates and changes to project estimates.

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"Much easier to do takeoff."
"Better at supporting clients."
"A true timesaver."
"Nothing slips through the cracks."
"Much less miscalculations."
"Quicker turnaround."
"Bids are more accurate."
"We got peace of mind."
"Faster at bidding."
"More effective with much less effort."
"Very easy to use."

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