A Very Simple Takeoff and Cost Estimating Software

Our software helps you calculate the amount of materials needed and estimate the total cost of a project, including labor, materials, overhead, wastage, and more.

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Achieve your takeoff faster

With it’s easy-to-use interface, Buildee allows you to takeoff your materials quantities from any blueprints within seconds. Simply Point & Click your drawings and Buildee takes care of the rest.

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Estimate your cost accurately

Buildee gives you the ability to assign a cost to each materials quantities raised from your blueprints and thus estimate the cost of any project rapidly and more accurately. You can also export and print your reports easily at the end of your takeoff.

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A takeoff software to estimate your projects from start to finish.

From takeoff to estimating, Buildee allows you to estimate all your projects - paperless, from anywhere and at anytime.

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What makes Buildee special?

Hey everyone!

It all started with our founder, Eric, slaving away at his family construction business. He was stuck with endless hours of prep work – quotes, takeoffs, and getting projects lined up. He was pulling his hair out, looking for a better way.

What were his options? Software stuck in the stone age (we're talking installing softwares on his computer!), or super complicated platforms that tried to do it all and ended up doing nothing right. They were cluttered, confusing, and about as helpful as a chocolate teapot.

So he hired a team of smart techies and started building his own software, laser-focused on being as simple as possible. His vision? A tool that’s easy to use, and that users would love and feel proud of – not something you'd typically hear in the construction industry, right?

Fast forward to now, and guess what? We're still doing what we love and what we do best: creating top-notch software for takeoff and estimating. We're not about unnecessary extras or shiny distractions. Nope, we keep things simple and straightforward.

We’re all about doing less, but doing it brilliantly. We make it super easy for you to count and measure material for your projects, without all the fluff. No fancy jargon, no complicated features, just a tool that gets the job done.

So, if you're tired of complicated, clunky software that gives you more headaches than help, join us. We're all about making your work easier, faster, and even a little fun.
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Cloud-Based Takeoff

Work from the Cloud. Access your projects from anywhere at anytime. PC and Mac compatible.

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Easy Collaboration

Share and follow your projects progression easily with your team.

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No more messy files

All your blueprints and estimates are in one place. Messy folders and Excel files are overrated.

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