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With it’s easy-to-use interface, Buildee allows you to takeoff your flooring materials quantities from any blueprints within seconds. Simply Point & Click your drawings we'll calculate how many square footage of tile, hardwood, carpet, or concrete you'll need!

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Buildee flooring takeoff software enables you to measure and count various elements essential for accurate flooring project, including:

Square Footage: Measure the total area of floors needing coverage.
Linear Footage
: Calculate the length of borders or trim.
Carpet Area: Measure areas for carpet installation, including room dimensions and closet spaces.
Hardwood Flooring: Calculate the area for hardwood flooring, factoring in waste.
Underlayment Area: Measure the area requiring underlayment beneath the flooring material.
Room Perimeters: Calculate room perimeters for baseboard or molding installation.
Transition Strips: Count the number and measure the length of transition strips between different flooring types.
Thresholds: Measure and count the thresholds for room entrances or changes in flooring levels.
Grout and Adhesive Quantities: Estimate the volume of grout and adhesive based on the flooring area.
Waste Factor: Calculate additional material needed to account for cuts and waste.

Accurate Estimations

Our software provides exact measurements for flooring to determine the materials needed for precise estimates.

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Obtain total floor area measurements in just a few clicks, saving you valuable time on each project.

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Start immediately with our easy-to-use software. No steep learning curve. No fluff. Just easy-to-use takeoff.

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