Do your takeoff faster and more accurately

Enjoy features like easy material measurements & counts, auto-calculations, and improved collaboration between all parties involved.

Do Takeoff 5X faster

Do takeoff 5X faster when measuring and counting materials straight from the PDF plan.

Measure and count materials

Your takeoffs will contain fewer errors with point-and-click measurements and automatic calculations.

Re-upload plan to update takeoff

Update your takeoff in just a few swift clicks as soon as any change request occurs.

This is how simple is it to do takeoff using Buildee 👇

How to do takeoff with Buildee

Measure and count your required materials 5X faster

Manual measurements and calculations are time-consuming. But with Buildee, you can perform digital takeoffs directly from PDF plans.

Our cloud-based measuring tool simplifies quantity and material takeoffs, including lengths, areas, volumes, and objects.

Takeoff for construction estimating
Takeoff automatic measurements and calculations

Takeoff more accurately

Manual measurements and calculations often risk human error, but not anymore. With our tool, you can measure linear distances, areas, volumes, or counts with pinpoint accuracy.

Leverage the power of digital point-and-click takeoff, using the scale of the plan, paired with automatic calculations.

Update following change requests

Dealing with construction plan changes or errors in the takeoff used to mean starting from scratch—pretty frustrating, right? Those days are over now.

With our tool, easily update your takeoff as customers request changes. And the best part? You can effortlessly recalculate quantities as plans change.

Update material counts and measurements after change requests
Share takeoff with everyone involved

Get everyone on the same page

Silos and waterfalls between different parties involved in construction projects can often lead to inconsistencies and errors in takeoffs. It's a nightmare we've all faced.

With our tool, you can make sure everyone involved in the project is working on the most current takeoff version by sharing access with as many users as you need. Break the silos, and let's build together.


Measure areas, volumes or lengths directly from the blueprint.

Count items

Click to count items like doors, toilets, lights, or anything else!


There's nothing to install. Just upload your plan and start your takeoff.

Digital Takeoff

Calculate material quantities from digital blueprints or plans.

Loved by 1,000+ construction companies

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"Much easier to do takeoff."
"Improved collaboration."
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"A true timesaver."
"Takeoffs are always accurate."

Buildee is the simplest takeoff software on the market.

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