Enhancing Takeoff Efficiency with Buildee for a SMB Construction Firm

November 9, 2023

In the world of construction, efficiency is king. For small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in this sector, where every bid counts and margins are tight, the ability to streamline operations can make or break success.

Enter the era of takeoff software, designed to simplify and speed up the process of estimating materials and costs. Yet, amidst a sea of complex and feature-heavy programs, there stands a beacon of simplicity: Buildee.

This is the story of how one SMB construction company turned the tide of their bidding process from overwhelming to overachieving with the help of Buildee's uncomplicated approach.


This particular SMB construction firm, like many others, was navigating the choppy waters of modern construction demands. They had to balance the need for precision in their material takeoffs and job costing with the reality of limited time and manpower.

Traditionally, this involved manual calculations, cross-referencing between blueprints and material lists, and a hefty amount of guesswork. Mistakes were not just common; they were costly. And in the competitive bidding arena, there was little room for error.


The challenge was two-fold. On one hand, the existing software solutions were often bloated with features that looked good on paper but were impractical for the company's actual needs.

On the other, these programs required a level of expertise and training that the company’s workforce did not possess, leading to a reluctance to engage with the software fully.

This combination of software complexity and a steep learning curve resulted in a time-drain, errors in material orders, and ultimately, bids that were less than competitive.


In the construction industry, where every second and cent count, the adoption of takeoff software can spell the difference between a bid that barely breaks even and one that secures a healthy profit margin. For our SMB construction company, the search for an ideal solution led them to Buildee, a takeoff software renowned for its simplicity and ease of use.

Buildee stands out in a market saturated with complex software suites that often overwhelm more than they assist. Designed with the user in mind, it strips away the non-essential bells and whistles that bog down the takeoff process. This focus on the essentials allows for a more intuitive user experience, facilitating quicker adoption and more efficient use of the software.

Buildee’s interface presents a clean workspace where users can easily import plans, perform point-and-click takeoffs, and automatically generate lists of materials. Its streamlined design means that training employees is straightforward, eliminating the often-prohibitive learning curve associated with more complicated software.

What makes Buildee particularly suitable for SMBs is its scalability. The software grows with the company, accommodating the increase in demand without forcing a steep climb up a technical ladder. This ensures that as the construction firm expands its operations, Buildee remains a constant, reliable tool in its arsenal.

By selecting Buildee, the SMB construction company equipped itself with a tool that promised not just to streamline their takeoff process but to transform it into a competitive edge in the bid process.


Implementing Buildee brought immediate improvements:

  1. Increased Accuracy: The user-friendly tools provided by Buildee helped the team minimize errors in material listings, leading to sharper job cost assessments.
  2. Time Efficiency: The time required for takeoffs was significantly reduced, freeing up resources for other project areas.
  3. Profitable Bids: With better accuracy in job costs, the company could submit more competitive bids, which saw a noticeable increase in their contract acquisition rate.
  4. User Satisfaction: The simplicity of Buildee was well-received by the team, with its ease of use being a standout benefit.

For this SMB construction firm, Buildee was a transformative solution. It streamlined their takeoff process, leading to time savings, more accurate bids, and ultimately, a positive impact on their profit margins. The case of this firm underscores the value of a straightforward, efficient takeoff tool in the competitive construction industry.